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Sativa – a subspecies of the cannabis plant. It has a long stem and narrow leaves and is grown for hemp fiber as well as for use in medicine as a psychoactive and analgesic drug. It is sometimes characterized as more stimulating in effect than the indica variety.

Indica – a subspecies of the cannabis plant. It has a short stem and broad leaves. Grown mainly for use in medicine. It is sometimes characterized as a more relaxing body high.

Hybrid – the offspring of both previously mentioned plants creating a new phenotype. Originally Sativa and Indica were crossed to increase the production speed of cultivation.

No. Open consumption is treated like an open container and will result in a citation.

Despite the legalization of Cannabis in Colorado, there are still regulations when it comes to where you can smoke it. The main thing to remember is that you cannot smoke marijuana in any public space. Must be done in a private residence or a marijuana-friendly venue. Before you start lighting those pre-rolls while walking down Main Street, remember that you can still get a ticket.

No. Cannabis in vehicles is treated like alcohol. Keep your products out of arm’s reach (backseat and trunk are best!) until you arrive at your destination. Use of Cannabis while driving constitutes a DUI.

Colorado Law makes it illegal to possess marijuana in the passenger area of a vehicle if it is in an “open container”, a container with broken seals, or if there is any evidence of consumption. Exporting and traveling with Cannabis outside the state lines of Colorado is still considered drug trafficking to the Federal Government! Penalties range from a fine to several years in prison depending on where you are arrested. Traveling out of state with marijuana is still illegal.
Yes! Cannabis has come a long way in the past few decades. THC percentages were thought to average around 10% in the 1980s with current strains hitting twice or even three times as much as that. For a more pleasant experience, consult with your budtender to find what is best for you!

Yes! We carry a variety of products at every one of our locations. If you are first-time smoker we will have an option for you. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to guide you to a
product that is right for you!

The effects of Cannabis last different amounts of time. People report anything from an hour to multiple.
Your method of consumption also will play a role in this. Generally, edibles will have a high that takes
longer to set on but lasts for up to 6 hours. When inhaled, the effects are felt almost instantly while
lasting for 2-4 hours.

That is 100% at the discretion of your employer. There is not a single product in the store that we can guarantee will not show up on a drug test. Please make sure you consider this possibility before consuming.

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