CBD for Beginners: A Guide to Getting Started

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If you’ve ever visited a dispensary or even your local health store, you’ve probably noticed the growing availability of CBD products. These products are often hailed as a handy alternative to regular cannabis products, especially for those who would rather avoid the psychoactive effects of THC. However, if you’re a beginner to CBD, you might be confused about how to get started.

First-time CBD users will likely want to know how to use it, how much to take, and what to expect from CBD. It also helps to know more about what exactly CBD is and how it differs from THC. Fortunately, it’s easy enough for anyone to start using CBD and there are plenty of great products to choose from. Here’s a helpful guide to getting started for CBD beginners.

CBD for Beginners: What Exactly Is It?

Most people associate the effects of cannabis with THC – the main psychoactive compound responsible for getting you high. However, cannabis plants also contain a range of other cannabinoids that interact with the body in various ways, including CBD.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, CBD is completely non-psychoactive and doesn’t get you high. However, it still interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system – a biological system with links to memory, pain sensation, mood, sleep, and other important functions. 

In recent times, there’s been some fascinating research on using CBD for chronic pain, seizures, sleep problems, anxiety, and various other issues. Many people now use CBD as a high-free alternative to cannabis, especially as it offers a safe, hassle-free way to get a daily dose of cannabinoids without harmful side effects.

CBD is often extracted from hemp plants and infused into a range of convenient products from oils to gummies to lotions. While some people use CBD as an alternative to regular cannabis products, others use it in conjunction with cannabis, and you can even find products that combine CBD and THC.

Getting Started With CBD

If you’ve never taken CBD before, you might be unsure about how to get started and what to expect. Fortunately, getting started with CBD is easy enough for anyone – there are plenty of great products to choose from and you can even decide how you prefer to take CBD. Plus, since CBD is non-psychoactive, you won’t need to worry about getting high from taking CBD.

Research on the safety and side effects of CBD suggests that CBD is very safe to use. Many people take CBD frequently and even those who take high doses rarely report harmful side effects. Some users may experience minor side effects, such as fatigue, diarrhea, and changes in mood and appetite. However, even these side effects are relatively uncommon.

While CBD is safe to use even in high doses, it’s best to start with a small dose of around 10 to 20mg of CBD. You can then finetune your dosage by adding or subtracting 5 to 10mg per day as needed. The best amount to take largely depends on your needs and preferences, so experiment with your CBD dosage to see what suits you.

As for how to take CBD, you might want to test out different products and methods of consumption. Many beginners use CBD oils, edibles, or capsules, especially as these products are convenient to use and make it easy to manage your dosage. You might also want to consider options such as CBD vapes and topicals. You might even want to use multiple types of CBD products.

CBD Oils And Tinctures

CBD Oils And Tinctures

Beginners might want to start with CBD oils or tinctures. These products are especially popular for CBD users as they’re easy to use, discreet, and allow you to finetune your dosage for your needs. They’re also versatile – most people use CBD oils by applying them under the tongue, but they can also be consumed orally.

Each bottle of CBD oil or tincture comes with a dropper that makes it simple to measure your dosage. Each drop will contain a specific dose of CBD in milligrams, and you can determine how much CBD is in each drop by reading the product packaging. You can take as many drops as you need to get your desired dosage.

To use CBD oil sublingually, apply your dosage of CBD oil under your tongue and hold it there for 30 to 60 seconds. During this process, the cannabidiol will be absorbed by the mucus membrane in your tongue and make its way into your system. Generally, it takes around 15 to 30 minutes for the CBD to reach your system and have an effect.

You can also use CBD oils and tinctures orally. The best way to do this is by mixing CBD tincture with your favorite beverages, such as coffee, smoothies, or juices. You can also add CBD tinctures to food. When you swallow CBD tincture, it’ll take longer to reach your system compared to sublingual absorption. Nonetheless, some users find oral consumption more enjoyable and convenient.

CBD Edibles And Beverages

CBD edibles are excellent for beginners as they give you a fixed dose of cannabidiol in the form of a tempting treat. Simply put, these are food products that have been infused with high-quality CBD extracts. Using CBD edibles is as simple as eating them and waiting for them to be digested into your system.

You can buy various kinds of readymade CBD edibles. CBD gummies are particularly popular, especially as they make it easy to manage your dosage simply by choosing how many gummies to eat. CBD chocolate bars are another good option – these give you a dose of CBD in each square. You can also find CBD chocolate pieces, caramels, candies, and more.

When you buy CBD edibles, the packaging will tell you how much CBD is in each serving. For instance, you might get 10mg of CBD per gummy or 20mg of CBD per square of chocolate. Just eat as many servings as you need to get your desired dosage. You can also increase your dosage simply by eating an extra serving.

CBD beverages are also becoming increasingly common. These are CBD-infused drinks such as sodas, juices, seltzers, and teas. Some of these come in cans whereas others come in sachets that you can add to water. Like edibles, these offer an enjoyable way to get a generous dose of CBD via oral consumption.

CBD Pills/Capsules

Many people enjoy the convenience of using CBD gummies or candies, especially since each serving gives them a good dose of CBD. However, some people would rather not consume CBD in the form of sugary treats. Fortunately, CBD pills and capsules offer the same level of convenience without the calories.

CBD pills are exactly what they sound like – pills that contain a dose of CBD. To get the cannabidiol you need, you can simply swallow a pill and wash it down with some water. Each pill or capsule contains a specific dose of CBD so you’ll know exactly how much you’re taking. You can also increase your dosage simply by taking two or three pills instead of one.

These products are ideal for users who want to take a daily dose of CBD without any hassle. You won’t need to measure your dosage nor will you need to guess how much you’re taking. You can see how much CBD is in each pill or capsule simply by reading the packaging.

You can also find different types of CBD pills. For instance, some are oil-filled capsules that dissolve as you swallow them. CBD softgels are another popular option – these are enjoyable to use and offer a similar experience to using CBD gummies. Whichever way, these products offer one of the most convenient ways to get a daily dose of CBD.

CBD Vapes

CBD Vapes

Vaporizing CBD is another suitable option for beginners. Vaping involves heating specialized vape products to release smooth, inhalable CBD-filled vapor without any smoke. Many users find it to be a safer and more positive experience than smoking, especially as it provides a similar experience without the harsh effects on your lungs.

Many people vaporize CBD by using CBD vape cartridges. These are pre-filled vape oil cartridges that can be attached to compatible devices. For instance, you can buy 510-thread CBD vape carts for use with 510-thread vape batteries. Vape cartridges come in a wide variety of strains and flavors.

You can also find disposable CBD vape pens. These are ideal for beginners who don’t have a vape pen or battery and simply want to try vaping without investing in extra equipment. Each disposable pen comes with plenty of CBD vape oil to last you for a while. You can also recharge disposable pens and use them until the vape oil runs out.

Inhaling CBD vapor is one of the fastest-acting ways to consume cannabidiol. What’s more, CBD vape products provide delicious, flavorful vapor, making for an even more enjoyable experience.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are another interesting beginner-friendly option for those who want to try CBD. These products don’t require any ingesting or inhaling. Instead, they allow you to apply the effects of CBD directly to your body. CBD topicals come in various forms and many people incorporate them into their daily self-care routines.

Many CBD topicals can be generously applied to your skin wherever you want to absorb the effects of CBD. For instance, you can apply CBD creams, balms, or lotions to your face, back, knees, or other parts of your body. You can also find products such as CBD sprays, roll-ons, and even bath bombs that enable you to absorb CBD throughout your body.

Not only do CBD topicals offer a generous dose of cannabidiol, but they’re generally made using a blend of helpful ingredients to soothe your body and improve your skin health. For instance, many contain ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, and essential oils. As such, topicals may help relieve pain, alleviate skin problems, and even reduce your stress levels.

Using CBD topicals is a little different from other methods of consumption as the CBD won’t be absorbed into your bloodstream. Instead, it’s absorbed through your skin where it interacts with cannabinoid receptors. Nonetheless, these products are ideal for users who want a soothing way to apply CBD to their bodies.

Where To Buy CBD Products

The popularity of CBD products has grown significantly in recent times and, as such, you can now find CBD products in all kinds of places from grocery stores to health stores. However, if you want high-quality, reliable CBD products, make sure you buy them from a trustworthy cannabis dispensary.

Those looking to buy CBD in Colorado can find a variety of top-notch CBD products at The Dispensary. From convenient CBD oils to delicious CBD edibles, you can find a range of cannabidiol products to suit all your needs. You can find The Dispensary branches in Breckenridge, Littleton, Crested Butte, Dillon, Colorado Springs, and Gunnison.

Adults aged 21 or over are welcome to visit our dispensaries and browse our product range. Our friendly budtenders can even help answer your questions and give you recommendations on the best CBD products for your needs. Alternatively, you can shop online using our online dispensary menus.

Not only will you find plenty of high-quality CBD products, but various types of cannabis products are also available. From satisfying cannabis flower strains to delicious weed gummies to flavorful THC vapes, cannabis consumers can find everything they need here.


Getting started with CBD is simple. There are plenty of convenient products to choose from, including CBD tinctures, CBD edibles, and CBD capsules. Starting with a dose of 10 to 20mg of CBD a day is a good rule of thumb, but CBD is very safe to use and you can increase your dosage as you see fit.

If you want to ensure that you’re getting safe, effective CBD products, it’s important to buy your CBD from a reliable dispensary. Customers in Colorado can find a wide selection of high-quality CBD products, along with plenty of cannabis and THC products, at The Dispensary.

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